Bay Club, Play Club!

Bay Club, Play Club!

Bay Club… more like PLAY CLUB!

Okay, but for real, let’s talk about it. First of all, when I received the invitation to come check out Carmel Valley’s Bay Club and their new restaurant, Cafe Vida, I jumped up and down. 1. Being from the Bay Area, I knew the Bay Clubs reputation and how freaking nice the club was. 2. It was one of my first events I got to meet other local San Diego bloggers which was totally amazing! We got to play all day!

As soon as I walked into this oasis, I was greeted with some fresh juice from Cafe Vida. Now if you know me well enough, I am obsessed with over-priced drinks anything from cold brew to cold press juices to cocktails to “enhanced” water. Basically anything liquid that is not water I will take. :-) Cafe Vida has a ton of great healthy options from salads to sandwiches, to smoothies to snacks!

After first scoping out Cafe Vida, I got to take a tour of this impeccable facility. Basically what I took away is that I could potentially live here if they would let me. But in all seriousness, Bay Club has everything a resort has. There are multiple pools, a stunning gym center, a spa, restaurant, kids programs, tennis courts and even a co-work space for those of our friends who work from home. These are just a few of the great things they offer.

But let’s talk about one of my favorite areas of this club. 77 Social Club. Not only can you get awesome food from Cafe Vida inside this club, they have a full bar with amazing cocktails, beer and wine selection. The best part… wait for it… it is connected to the adult pool! That is right, lay by the pool, soak up the sun and relax. It is also a great place to bring some friends and hang out. 

Looking for a “TREAT YO-SELF” day? Go up to the Bay Club this summer and experience it yourself! I promise they won’t disappoint. 

Thanks again, Bay Club for the fun play day! And a special thanks to Brian Tropiano for capturing all of the photos for the day!