BAE Watch

BAE Watch

Yoouuu guuyyyssss... I found the most amazing spot in Sunset Cliffs. Now you might have to do some minor rock climbing, but you will find a private beach with stunning views, warm water and not to mention a place to take killer beach photos!


I don't know about you but I am SO self conscious when it comes to being in a bathing suit. This might be why I find the most remote beach area where only a handful of others are actually at the beach with me.

Now I always wanted to take some beachy babe photos for a few reasons:

1. Overcome my body insecurities. I may not be the next Sports Illustrated model but who the heck cares! 

2. YOLO... I mean seriously though! When else in my life am I going to do this?

3. I finally found a brand of swim suits that I feel confident and beautiful in.

With the help of Jenna Lynn Photography and Stria Swim, I was able to pull off a killer shoot. Jenna made me feel like a natural even when I slipped and ate it HARD. I mean HARD. It has been a week and I still have a massive bruise, skinned knees and shaking my head in embarrassment, but hey, sometimes you gotta #DoItForTheGram.

Let me tell you a little bit about this swim line that I got to prance around in! Who else has an impossible time finding a suit? It is impossible to find a cheeky bottom that isn't a thong, a top that side boob isn't coming out, bottoms that don't give me muffin top, etc. Honestly, I could bore you with all the dreaded things I hate about a swim suit.

So let's talk about what I love about these two suits!

First of all, this triangle top ACTUALLY holds me in. In fact, what you don't see is the silicone-back elastic that lines the top inside so even when you completely slip on a rock and eat it like me... there is no nip-slip! It is also is extremely adjustable to give the sisters a perfect lift. ;-)

The bottoms to this bikini might be my most favorite EVER. NO MUFFIN TOP. I REPEAT. NO MUFFIN TOP. They are also the perfect amount of cheeky. I didn't feel like my Oma (grandmother) would be yelling at me for an inappropriate swim suit (she has done that before). The tie bottoms make it easy to adjust which I love! When I swim in the ocean or jump in the pull... those bottoms better be on!

Bandeau tops. It is always a love hate relationship. I find myself loving them because no tan lines but hate because for any busty women it just ends up looking droopy! Well, FINALLY one that I love. Just like the triangle top this bandeau top has silicone-backed elastic the helps it stay in place. You can wear it around the neck or strapless. 

The boy short bottoms! When I am at the beach, while I love to lay out, I also love to swim in the ocean, play frisbee or run around the beach with my friend's dogs. So on occasion I like a more sporty suit. One that I don't have to worry about falling off, one that holds me in but isn't a full blown swim team two piece. AND most importantly isn't going to give me god awful muffin top. I honestly just can't get over the suits that Stria makes.

A big thanks to Jenna Lynn Photography and Stria Swim for making me feel confident, beautiful and a Sports Illustrated model. ;-)

Check out their Instas @striaswim and @jennalynnphotog