A Piece of Haven

PIZZA. PASTA. WINE. What more does a girl need?

In Kensington, there is a cute family friendly pizza joint that is a literal piece of HAVEN. You know I am sucker for puns and word play, so give me a break. But in all seriousness, The Haven Pizzeria is the perfect neighborhood hang out for a mellow and easy going night out. ESPECIALLY on a Tuesday (when I went) because it is Happy Hour drink specials all night long. Anytime I can get $2 off my wine is a plus for me!

We sat outside because it was a perfect day! It is not always easy to find patio seating in San Diego, you would think there would be more outdoor dining. I am a people watcher so the fact I could eat my meal, drink a glass of wine, enjoy the weather and watch as locals walked their cute dogs, I was sold.

As an appetizer we ordered the bruschetta, which I had FOMO to go with the OG kind or pesto, but they were nice enough to let me mix it up so I could try both! Both were SO GOOD. I couldn't decide whether I wanted pizza or pasta. I was in a very indecisive mood that day as you can tell. Which ended up being perfect because we ordered both! The special was a tequila lime pasta with some of my favorite ingredients such as cilantro, bell peppers... TEQUILA ;-) You get the point. It was delicious to say the least. However, if you ever go to Haven Pizzeria... you MUST, I REPEAT, YOU MUST GET THE CORTEZ! We are talking Canadian bacon, mozzarella, Gorgonzola, and tomatoes TOPPED with... ARE YOU READY?!?!?... FRESH ARUGULA AND AVOCADO! It honestly might be a new fav of mine.

Overall, it was such a great way to decompress my day with great food, friendly staff and the best of vibes! Head over to Kensington, grab a glass of wine, load up on some carbs and enjoy a great experience!