Who in the world is Coco San Diego?

Who in the world is Coco San Diego?

Hello World! It is ME, COCO SAN DIEGO. Catchy, right?!

A girl can only hope. But for real, I am Courtney. A freaking novice blogger that is jumping on the social media bandwagon putting my hopes and dreams out into the universe! SIKE! Well, sorta. Luckily this day in age there is a place to put my thoughts, opinions and supes cute pictures all in one place for the ENTIRE world to see. I am not sure if this is absolutely terrifying or pretty dang cool. Let's go with pretty dang cool...

Anyway, you probably want to know about me in some cute cheeky bio. LAME. But here I go with the Coco 411.

I am an OG from the Bay Area and moved to San Diego for the best job ever two years ago. Best job ever = raise approximately HELLA money for the YMCA. Some might say, I am a daytime philanthropist, night time adventurist, food & drink enthusiast and a San Diegan tourist. Corny, I know, but give me some creativity points!

Some things to REALLY know about me:

  • I say...like, literally, seriously, shut up, all the time. Def, have some valley girl in me.
  • I have a really cool husband, who hates taking posed pictures of me but does it anyway. 
  • I use far too many emojis & exclamation points. (Yes, I am THAT girl.) 
  • I am OBSESSED with San Diego!
  • And well, I spend most of my spare time eating and drinking overpriced delectables, laughing at my own jokes and playing with some of the best friends a girl can have.

So there, you know everything you need to know and honestly, if you want to know more you have my permission to be a creep and IG stalk me. :-)